Sunday, 11 June 2017

Large Skipper Appearing

Depending on which part of the Country, late May to early June is the time to look for Large Skippers to emerge. 
This male below is the first one I have seen this year. I found it along a river bank feeding on Bramble flowers. 
It had clearly just emerged as it was concentrating on feeding while the sun was out and not looking for females of the species.


  1. Great pictures of it! Not too easy; I know, I've tried!

  2. Kaunis perhonen. Hankala kuvattava. Ei meinaa pysyä paikallaan. Ihania kuvaushetkiä!

  3. Very pretty Roy.
    I enjoy this beautiful little butterfly with his fat cup :-)

  4. Hi Roy!!! Nice series pf pics.. Great Macro.. Cheers


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